A story of survival...

The world of Eranas has been ruled for millenia by several vicious gods. The gods are forever hungry, thriving on war and sacrifice to increase their power and notriety. Their bloodthirsty ways eventually culminated in a great global war that raged for decades. The war escalated until almost everything was destroyed and the world broke – an epic cataclysm caused by an abuse of the worlds resources and natural energy.

Eventually word spread of a land untouched by the god’s corrupting influence – the Isles of Guardos.The Isle was inhabited by ancients races who worshipped nature and the mortal spirit rather than higher beings. Refugees from the broken lands fled for the Isle, which was becoming a safehaven for those who wished to no longer be influenced by the gods. Today, the Isle is a mixture of dozens of races, traditions and cultures, all trying to make a new life for themselves.

World Locations

The largest city in the Isles, Manarand is comprised primarily of human traders. The city is a mixture of elite wealthy merchants living in majestic villlas, and the poor, filthy beggers and theives who thrive on the dark streets.

Nahrac is home to a warrior race of humans who enjoy war as a sport. Their pride and joy is their giant arena where they often hold tournaments to the death. They are known to buy and sell slaves from Manrand or capture their own gladiators from around the Isles for use in the arena.

An Orcish stronghold. Once a warrior race, the Orcs grew tired of being used by the gods to conquor other lands. They now survive on stealth, they are essentially a shadow tribe who have evaded the gods in recent decades.

A shamanistic tribe of warriors. Once primarily an honorable warrior tribe, the clan of Ryona are now mostly farmers trying to create a new life on the Gardos Isles.