A world of born from survivors

Choose from a multitude of distinct heroes to suit your playstyle.

The Honorblade

In his previous life, Kogoro performed the will of the gods. He destroyed lands, races and rebellious tribes at the will of his diety, Darhus.

It was on one of these mssions, in a far away land, that Kogoro’s family were destroyed at the hands of another god.

Feeling disillusioned with this life, he left for the Isles of Gardos, seeking his brethren who had started a new life.

On the Isles, Kogoro works as an Honorblade. He acts as judge, jury and executioner – seeking out and eradicating any type of worship or fowl magic. He has been known to use his shamanistic fury and unparalled bladework to destroy entire villages if needed.

The Red Colossus

Nanoc originally grew up in the barbarian tribes of Ryona, but was captured by slave traders of Nahrac as a small child. He was sold to the black market as human goods.

However Nanoc, raised by proud and honorable shamanstic warriors, did not take to subjugation. After only a few years as slave, at age 11 he murdered his master and several of the house guard. He escaped back to his homeland in distant Ryona.

Back in Ryona, Nanoc found his old village was all but destroyed, having suffered from famine and poverty at the hands of raiders. Nanoc’s rage intensified.

The next time the raiders came, Nanoc allowed himself to be captured. Due to his immense size, he ended up as a slave in the Arena of Nahrac, where he excelled with this signature weapon, the GreatAxe. He won fight after fight against impossible odds. Eventually his notriety was so great he was summoned to perform for the Noble Circle, Nahrac’s ruling elite.

It was here that Nanoc saw his chance. During his stage fight, he instead leapt up to the elite’s podium, swinging his great axe without remorse. He destroyed the entire ruling circle, all of their guards and officers in a matter of minutes. His entire body was covered in shining red blood.

He then used his notriety and popularity and staged a coup to become the new ruler of Nahrac. All hail Nanoc, the Red Collossus.