A coop survival game like no other....

Choose from a large selection of heroes to suit your playstyle. Then acquire armor, weapons and upgrades to create a truly unique warrior.

As part of our ethos, there will be no strict class-based heroes (such as DPS, Tank or Support) and you can build any hero the way that you want.

Much like in your favorate MOBA or BattleRoyale, you choose a hero before the game begins. You then play as this hero, acquire items and upgrades, and the game will end in approximately one hour.

Deadlock Pass implements a free-roam top down camera for all of your strategic needs.

Like to be in the middle of the action? Upgrade your hero to be the ultimate killing machine.

Prefer to play a safe game and defend form afar? Build towers or hire mercenaries to fight for you.

Love the thrill of end-game domination? Farm the jungle creeps and perform quest for towns people to increase your late game income!